3D Modeler


Aspiring Architect.

I'm a 15 y/o builder on ROBLOX and currently getting into 3D Modeling in Blender. I've been building on ROBLOX for about 3 years? Mainly on personal servers with friends, but I came to ROBLOX Studio seeking more ways to make my builds better. My discord is popopop #0072 if there are any questions.


  1. "The Rabbyte Hole" - Most popular ROBLOX Build.
  2. "Dream Farm" - School project.
  3. For Sale - Previously built or W.I.P. items currently for sale. W.I.P. can be requested to be finished.
  4. Organic - Plants and other vegetation.

Rabbyte's Workshop - My workshop that displays assets of my favorite items I have created.


StructuresInterior Items