"The Rabbyte Hole"

The Rabbyte Hole is my first project. It was inspired by my character because it’s supposed to be a rabbit-type character, so I made a home for it. The home contains rooms for each of my close friends for their characters. The people currently in the household are: Rabbyte, Plxnt, adventuretimegirl999, Pvros, Paintingsky5223, SocialCupcake, LilRabbyte, and Sonamy41.

Most of the place was made on a “personal server”, a feature ROBLOX used to have where you can build with your friends without having to go on Studio. It was nice being able to build with my friends and since the removal of personal servers, I haven’t touched it much.

Some items in the house are made by the other household members, including a few decorations in their rooms. There are also a lot of hidden rooms that you can find around the area.

Spawn Entrance

Picnic Area

Archway + Adventuretime’s Treehouse

Plxnt’s Garden

Waterfall + Pond

Hole Entrance


Sitting Area

Dining Room

Laundry Room

Kitchen Entrance



Living Room


Storage Room


Lobby Area

Sitting Area

Rabbyte’s Office

Memory Room


Rabbyte Doll


Rabbyte’s Room

Plxnt’s Room

Adventuretimegirl999's Room

Pvros' Room

Sonamy41's Room

SocialCupcake’s Room

Paintingsky5223's Room

LilRabbyte’s Room

Guest Room